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Anti-Aging Pain Free Treatments

Whether you choose a custom anti-aging program designed to help you look your best, or you choose a single treatment like: Botox, Zerona, Venus Freeze, Veluma, Juvederm or a Hydrafacial, you will leave our office refreshed, looking younger, and feeling like you just enjoyed a day at the spa.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Between ages 30-35 your body slows hormone production. By age 50, many of your most vital hormones have dropped to 20-40% causing advanced signs of aging and fatigue. Personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy, can help erase wrinkles, boost brain power, reduce aches, and help you feel like a new you.

Dr Driven Weight Loss & Personal Nutrition Plans

Starting with a simple consultation, your weight loss journey will be an exciting and motivating time for you. Our Dr supervised programs are individualized and include everything you need to shed excess weight and feel amazing about yourself.


  • For Women Only

    From skin treatments to hormonal health to diet to supplements to the health of your hair, women respond better and faster to programs designed just for them. Click the button below to see our Women Only treatments…


    • For Men Only

      Looking younger is important, but feeling younger and having the drive to have fun in life is also essential. Our Men’s Only treatments can have you looking and feeling your best, faster than you thought possible…


      • Executive Health Program

        If you’re a busy executive and need to stay on top of your game, our Executive Health Program is what you need. Let Dr Capasso come to you, do an executive evaluation, and create a personal health plan for cognitive performance and…

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        The Medi Spa Experience

        Welcome to Thin MD Med Spa, the premier medical spa in Jacksonville, FL, where the deeply relaxing and indulgent atmosphere of a traditional spa is combined with the most advanced medical-quality beauty procedures in the world to provide you with the exact care you need to look incredible and feel even better. From highly advanced anti-aging treatments to personalized doctor-driven weight loss consultations and nutrition plans, Thin MD Med Spa’s exclusive suite of services is designed to give you the personalized care you require, both inside and out.

        At Thin MD Med Spa, one of the premier med spas in Jacksonville, FL, we understand that everyone has unique health and beauty needs, and that there are no one-size- fits-all solutions. Our mission is to help you feel comfortable and confident in your skin so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your personal and professional life as well. Building your confidence means addressing the issues YOU feel are most important whether that be sunspots, wrinkles, subtle signs of aging, or if issues such as hormone imbalances are making you feel sluggish and unlike yourself.

        Our expert team is led by Dr. Anthony Capasso MD, who is board certified in internal medicine and has been routinely named as one of Jacksonville Florida’s top physicians as nominated by Folio magazine. Dr. Anthony Capasso graduated Cum Laude from the Ohio State University and received his medical degree from the University of Alabama before becoming a world-renowned expert in age management, preventative medicine, and bioidentical hormone therapy and opening the finest medical spa in Jacksonville, FL.

        While aging is a fact of life, there is no rule that says it cannot be done gracefully and beautifully. Our scope of service which are designed for both women and men touch on the smallest details of beauty, such as teeth whitening, to the most important aspects of your general health such as diet and nutrition.

        Our care is intended to make a LASTING impact on your life. Many traditional treatments will leave you feeling beautiful and confident for the rest of the day, while the medical treatments delivered at med spas leave our patients raving about the results for months down the line. Are you ready to feel and look like your most beautiful self again? Schedule an appointment today! There may be many medical spas in Jacksonville, FL, but none provide the personalized and deeply attentive care you will find at Thin MD Med Spa.