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Age Management

What is Age Management?

At it’s most basic definition, Age Management can be defined as the early detection and treatment of certain factors which are causing you to look or feel older than you need to.

Early detection allows us to prevent certain forms of accelerated aging (which can cause wrinkles, joint pain, low energy, memory decline, and many other symptoms of accelerated aging).

Age Management involves simple lifestyle changes that can have a profoundly positive impact on your cellular health and your ability to look and feel amazing while preventing many illnesses!

Our age management program can drastically improve a person’s quality of life…

Ever since his first day in medical school, Dr Anthony Capasso was fascinated with the simple things that have such a profound impact on how age affects our looks and our health.

Then, when he started his private practice back in 1998 he specialized in combining what he learned in medical school with all of his research on health (and that of the top researchers in the field of cellular and hormonal health) to help his patients literally grow younger looking so they could enjoy life more.

He discovered that the single most blaring “rule” that seems to be at the forefront of every health strategy that truly works is this…

“It doesn’t matter what path you follow to look and feel younger, the results you get are limited by how “personalized” your approach is.”

Pick up a book and you’ll understand some basics, go to a health spa and you’ll see some results (albeit often temporary), but when you get serious and start with a simple but strategic blood test – and you build an anti-aging program specific for your body…

…you’ll sit back in amazement as your body, your skin and your brain begin to look and function the way did YEAR ago (even better in most cases).

Age management works on the principle that symptoms of aging can be managed by controlling certain aspects of a persons life.  With a few simple changes to your lifestyle, nutrition, medication, hormones, and daily habits, you can see drastic changes in your physical and mental state.

What are the top options for age management?

Dr. Capasso lists some of the age management measures that he has tested, and seen work wonders, with his patients to help control, and often reverse many of the signs of aging:

  • Age management for women – Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life that she must go through.  This is due to the decrease in her hormonal output that unfortunately has a negative effect on her physical and mental state.  It has been found that hormone therapy helps control the negative effects that menopause can have on a woman’s body.  Age management medicine makes it possible for a modular program to be created for each patient to be able to deliver a customized hormone therapy program to help manage the symptoms and ultimately improve a woman’s physical and mental well being.
  • Age management for men – If women go through menopause, men are not spared and also go through andropause.  This condition is not as apparent as it is in women since the hormones in men decrease gradually.  Andropause is due to the decline in the production of testosterone, which are male sex hormones.  This decline causes physical, cognitive and sexual changes in men.  Like menopause, andropause can be managed through hormone therapy and men can immediately see positive changes such as increase in libido, lower abdominal fat mass, and lower blood pressure. 
  • Taking supplements – There is a certain amount of vitamins and minerals that body needs to receive in order for it to perform its daily function efficiently.  With people resorting to fast foods and easy cook meals, the nutrient content of food is compromised and often leads to deficiencies.  Age management promotes daily intake of food supplements to make up for the lack of nutrients in our food intake ensuring that the body is properly nourished. Many of the men in our programs will also look into HRT for men which helps aid the anti-aging process.

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