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Eyelash Extensions


Game Changing Extensions Give You Long Gorgeous Lashes In One Short Visit!

Let us save you time and stress with an expert eyelash beautification visit!

Our revolutionary eyelash extensions give you a dramatic and natural look, without permanently harming your eyelashes with thick mascara or fake adhesive lashes.

Our clients say things like:

guaranteed gorgeous
saves time
…and what we hear the most is “thank you!”

The Facts About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the beautiful, long-lasting, and natural-looking alternative to strip lashes lashes. In one short visit you can feel glamorous and confident without makeup!

Our eyelash artist has extensive training on customizing every lash to create your most beautiful, REAL looking lashes one at a time.

Our lash extensions do not cause damage to your natural lashes like, and can be combined with our Latisse serum to strengthen and grow your real lashes so that they become bigger and bolder too.

Call our friendly staff and let us customize your very own package at an exclusive price.

Your Personal Eyelash and Beauty Hotline: (904) 694-0992

What Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Full Sets:
Classic (2 hours) $150
Textured Hybrid (2 hours) $200
Mega Volume (3 hours) $325

Classic (60 minutes) $60
Textured Hybrid (60 minutes) $70
Mega Volume (60 minutes) $80
Mega Volume (90 minutes) $120
Mega Volume (120 minute ) $175

Start With A Free Phone Consultation: Our eyelash artist will answer all your questions and help you envision your most beautiful lashes: (904) 694-0992

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Why should I choose getting lash extensions rather than strip lashes?
A – Extensions last for weeks rather than just a night out! They also don’t rip your natural lashes out because they gently shed after a couple of weeks, unlike strip lashes.

Q – Does the application hurt, or will the glue sting my eyes?
A – When performed by a trained lash technician, this is a painless process! Your eyes stay closed during the session to keep the glue from traveling anywhere it should not go.

Q – Can I wear makeup with extensions?
A – While one of the best perks of lash extensions is feeling fabulous WITHOUT makeup, you are able to wear oil-free makeup products. If you want to wear eyeliner, it is best to use powder instead of a pencil or liquid. Also, try to only use mascara on your bottom lashes since the extensions are so dark and full, there really is no use for mascara on them.

Q – How do I clean my lashes with extensions?
A – Oil-free micellar water/gentle cleansers or baby shampoo tends to be the best way to remove residue on your lashes without dissolving the glue. Make sure to clean them daily, ESPECIALLY if you wear makeup. Don’t be afraid to touch them and massage them while washing them – it is important to keep them as clean as possible.

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