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How To Fix Your Gut Health

How to Reset and Fix Your Gut Health…

Not all cleanses are created equal.Due to the increasing popularity of “cleansing”, gyms and smoothie shacks across the country are beginning to offer juice diets, cleanse challenges, and products and programs. The same is true with the return of probiotics. Its very important to understand the processes your body must take to actually cleanse and heal your gut so you can determine if a certain cleanse will actually provide lasting good to your body, or just a temporary swing or meaningless exercise for your stomach.gut-health-4

To know if a particular cleanse is going to work can be difficult with so many emerging programs that don’t have a proven track record, clinically-studied results, or any real basis in actual science. There are 3 essential steps to get the incredible results from a cleanse that will really succeed in increased energy, weight loss, and health.

  • Full Detox – The first key to an effective cleanse is to fully detox the body’s overstressed system by allowing it to safely rid itself of the junk and gunk that characterize a typical American adult’s intestinal tract. To accomplish this, you’ll need to steer clear of foods that exacerbate symptoms and cause inflammation in the body. You’ll want to find a program that is very specific about what food to avoid, and that further assists your body by adding in natural antioxidants and digestive enzymes that will help it do it’s job.
  • Adequately Nourish – The second key is to adequately nourish the body as it clears and cleans out the gut. To do this, you’ll need to supplement effectively with physician grade vitamins and minerals as well as natural foods and extracts that will support the work your body is doing. It is in this stage that you can add clinically-tested, strain-specific probiotics to help re-introduce the healthy bacteria that will make your gut function optimally. Be sure to look for probiotics that have a specific strain name and number (such as Bifidobacterium lactis HN019). The specific strain and number means the bacteria has been clinically tested and proven to actually effect your gut and immune system.

  • Take Your Time – Finally, it’s important to allow your body the time it needs to fully make these improvements. That means a cleanse that doesn’t last very long can’t necessarily produce the kind of results that seem miraculous. It also means its important you find a program that can fully support you both informationally and nutritionally through the whole process so you can follow a proven process and avoid undoing your progress before the body has fully cleansed itself.


Warning: While most cleanses are not dangerous even if they aren’t very effective, be careful about cleanses that are too acidic (such as juice-only cleanses) or that deprive you of key nutrition for an extended period of time. These can be counterproductive. Also, be aware of too much sugar from excess fruits in smoothies, and be sure to drink plenty of water on any cleanse plan. The best cleanses have the 3 elements above to provide the full experience and truly give your body and gut what they need to dramatically improve.