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Fresh Diet Jacksonville Beach

Perfect For the Person Who Loves to Cook

What you eat is important, and the Fresh Diet will help you learn to eat healthy meals whether at home or out.

Main Benefits Of The Fresh Diet

  • Low calorie, low carbohydrate diet consisting of freshly prepared meals!
  • Lowers insulin levels increasing your body’s ability to lose fat!
  • Diabetic & Pre-Diabetic Friendly!


  • Days 1-3 Freshly cooked meals limited to proteins and healthy fats.
  • Days 4-30 Freshly cooked meals containing proteins, healthy fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates.


  • Weekly Follow Up Visits
  • Weekly THIN Lipo Injections
  • 30-day THIN Boost supplement
  • 30-day MitoBlast supplement
  • Appetite Suppressant (if indicated)