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Laser Hair Growth

Our hair growth laser is pain-free and treats your whole scalp, plus it stimulates the blood supply at your hair roots to help strengthen your current hair follicle resulting in thicker stronger hair by “photostimulation.”
Most of our clients make a visit to our office part of their lunchtime routine because treatment time for your hair is only about 20-30 minutes.
Of course, the use of other hair growing products like minoxidil and or finasteride can be continued during treatment is desired but they are not necessary, making our laser treatment perfect for those who prefer not to risk taking potentially harmful hair growth meds. In fact, there are no long term side effects from our laser hair treatment, like there are with other hair replacement methods.
As an added benefit, our hair growth laser can help prevent further hair loss, and help to heal post hair transplant.
If you have any of the following conditions, then a call to our office could be the most important call you make all year:
– Hair loss or damaged hair
– Alopecia areata
– Seborrhea
– Psoriasis
– Post hair transplant

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