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Look and Feel Young Again
And Accellerate Weight Loss

And Accelerate Weight Loss

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Look and Feel Young Again
And Accelerate Weight Loss

Fast and Naturally Without Going Under The Knife or Using Dangerous Drugs

2017 Doctor Survey Proves:  The primary cause of ALL age-related decline
is Mitochondrial Dysfunction. Fortunately, there is a solution that is not only
doctor approved, but is doctor created and tested.

“This is what I give my patients who want to…”

• Reduce Wrinkles
• Burn Body Fat
• Boost Metabolism
• Improve Memory
• Boost Energy & Endurance
• Balance Hormones
• Improve Mood
• Improve Libido

Hi, my name is Dr. Anthony Capasso M.D.

It’s now known that mitochondrial dysfunction is a primary cause of all age-related decline.

The hidden fact that is making most people age far faster is that many of our normal day to day activities are damaging or killing our mitochondria, like eating fast-food, drinking alcohol, being inactive, over exercising, and stress.

Recent scientific reports link damaged mitochondria to virtually all degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, heart failure…

…and most of the common signs of aging, such as:

• Feeling Tired
• Forgetfulness
• Graying skin
• Dull, thinning hair
• Wrinkles
• Poor sight, smell and hearing
• Joint pain
• Lack of energy
• Troubles sleeping
• Feeling stiff
• Loss of libido
• Difficulty digesting
• Lack of flexibility

But wait, I know what you might be asking yourself…

healthy-mitochondriaWhat are Mitochondria?

Well, mitochondria are tiny organelles found in almost EVERY CELL in the body.

They are known as the “powerhouse of the cell.”
They are responsible for creating more than 90 percent of cellular energy.
They are necessary in the body to sustain life and support growth.
They are composed of tiny packages of enzymes that turn nutrients into cellular energy.
Mitochondrial failure causes cell injury that leads to cell death. When multiple organ cells die there is organ failure.

Human cells may contain anywhere from 2 to
2,500 mitochondria depending on tissue type

The fact is – the more functional (healthy) mitochondria you have in your cells, the greater your overall health and durability.

A growing number of biologists now believe that MITOCHONDRIAL NUMBER AND FUNCTION DETERMINE OUR LONGEVITY.

So how do we boost our mitochondria?

There are many studies that show ‘we can increase the number of healthy mitochondria’ in our cells using:

Exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures
Certain supplements

Extreme Heat and Cold Therapy

Some experts believe that exposure to extreme hot and cold is a very effective way to boost mitochondrial biogenesis.

The rotation of hot and cold temperature places stress on your body, and these short bursts of stress produce benefits by way of hormesis.

Hormesis is a biological process that creates a beneficial effect (improved health, stress tolerance, or longevity) from exposure to low doses of an extreme agent like hot and cold therapy.

Your body reacts to this short burst of stress by creating more healthy mitochondria to protect your body.


Similar to extreme hot and cold therapy, exercise places the body under stress that (when done right) boosts mitochondrial biogenesis.

Mitochondrial biogenesis is the process by which cells increase their individual mitochondrial mass and number.

WARNING: most people either over-exercise, or exercise incorrectly, and as a result, may cause mitochondrial dysfunction.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is what occurs when the mitochondria become mutated or unable to do their job due to genetic or environmental factors. Resulting in disease, advanced aging, muscle weakness, fatigue, and more.

Remember, mitochondria are found in EVERY CELL in your body (except red blood cells), and power ALMOST ALL cell functions. So any breakdown in your mitochondria, stops your body from being able to function properly in the short term, and can cause disease in the long term.


Healthy fasting not only activates mitochondrial biogenesis, but it has also been shown to reduce free radicals that attack mitochondria.

Healthy fasting also helps your body clear away ‘damaged cells’ that are not functioning properly and causing inflation that damages other cells nearby which accelerates the aging process.

The process by which healthy fasting clears away damaged cells is called “Autophagy.”

Feeding Your Mitochondria

Every patient who comes to my clinic with advanced signs of aging, leaves with a bottle of my mitochondria support formula called MitoBlast 2, which is a supplement I created to feed, regenerate, and strengthen mitochondria.

Originally I developed this formula to help me get back into sports after 10 years of being less active, and what I found was that EVERYTHING in my life got better within weeks (I’ll share more details on this in a moment). Yes, I was able to play sports again without joint pain, but I was ALSO able to think more clearly, my skin regained it’s healthy appearance, and my hair became thicker.

In fact, every aspect of my health, my energy, and my life became better because every cell in my body was getting healthier, and my blood work proved it…


Proven Results

WITHIN WEEKS of using this formula, I began tracking my health with blood tests and noticed an improvement of my mitochondria. Within the FIRST TWO WEEKS, my exercise endurance improved dramatically, and I started to feel amazing but just ‘feeling’ better was not my goals. My goal was to actually be ‘getting’ better, and the blood tests proved that every cell in my body was getting healthy and more ‘youthful’ in how it functioned.

Further, I shared this ALL-NATURAL formula with my family, and watched them become healthier, more alert, and happier.

Now, EVERY PATIENT I’ve treated and followed with blood tests, who has used use this formula the way I showed them, has shown an increase in their mitochondrial health.

Why Does MitoBlast 2 Work So Well?mitoblast

Unlike most supplements on the market MitoBlast 2 uses only the purest ingredients, which is vital because you can be taking the same ‘nutrient’ as your neighbor, but the one who’s taking the purest form will ALWAYS GET BETTER RESULTS.

And the nutrients in this formula are clinically proven to boost the health of your mitochondria!

The nutrients in this powerful formula blast your cells with the nutrients they need to regain health, eliminate all that clogged waste, and strengthen and protect the mitochondria inside EVERY cell of your body.

Plus it’s simple and easy, and takes only a few seconds each day to take this… but the results it produces in your cells is dramatic.


Take Control Of The Health Of EVERY CELL In Your Body TODAY




guaranteeGrab your bottle now with confidence!

As you know, I’m a medical doctor not a big supplement company. I personally designed this POWERFUL FORMULA. I sourced only the purest nutrients to use, because these same nutrients are the ones going into my body, my families bodies and my patients.

So you can have confidence, knowing that every nutrient in MitoBlast 2 was HAND PICKED to improve the health of every cell, every mitochondria and every function in your body.

I’m so positive that you will notice great RESULTS WITHIN THE FIRST FEW WEEKS, that I want to make this easy for you. If you don’t feel and look better, or if you are not happy for any reason – you can send me back the EMPTY BOTTLE and I’ll still give you a complete and total refund.

Take Control Of The Health Of EVERY CELL In Your Body TODAY



PS: Biopsies of  people who are OVERWEIGHT or OBESE have shown that the number and functioning of mitochondria is much less than in leaner patients! Which is why we’ve engineer Mitoblast with nutrients that also help fight excess bodyfat.

It’s also common to have mitochondrial dysfunction if you take medications, are under stress, have a poor diet, smoke,

There’;s a growing body of research that reveals mitochondrial dysfunction as one of the LEADING CAUSES of obesity!

when you’re younger – you are mitochondrial healthier which is why you can eat whatever you want… however when you get older, you have lower mitochondrial functions which results in you gaining more weight unless you take back control.

Since mitochondria are the organelles in your cells that burn your body fat and blood sugar – it’s VITAL that you have the proper number and functioning mitochondria to avoid all age related diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

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