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Successful weight loss can be hard to achieve through diet and exercise alone.  Losing weight can be a challenge for anyone.  Dr. Anthony Capasso has been on the cutting edge of the latest most effective weight loss treatments, programs and diets with proven lasting results.  At ThinMD Med Spa, Dr. Capasso and his professional staff will assist you in achieving the results you desire through safe and effective methods.  We offer several options based on patients individual needs and lifestyle.

ThinMD Medical Spa’s Mission

We’re here to help you “Get Back to Awesome!”

You’re awesome. Maybe you don’t feel awesome, or maybe you don’t think you look awesome. But I promise … you are! It’s our job to help you get your awesome back.

Today’s world is full of things that can make you look and feel less than your best. Stress is a big one. People are starting to realize the cycle of life is turning faster and faster, with ever-increasing levels of stress and pressure, and they want a solution…

That’s where my practice comes in. To help you “Get Back to Awesome,” we offer a comprehensive menu of services get your body and mind back to peak performance. I want to bring out your natural vitality, health and spirit. It’s in there — and we’ll help you get it back fast!

What is “Awesome?”

Awesome is:

  • Having energy to do the things you love (and love the things you do!)
  • Looking and feeling your best – every day
  • Being unleashed from the prison of pain and illness
  • Feeling healthy, refreshed and restored – all day, every day
  • Breaking through the barriers of self-doubt and insecurity
  • Feeling vivacious, hot-to-trot, and generally fabulous!

NOW is the time to start getting back your awesome!

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

We’re here to help. Whatever you need, Dr. Capasso and his professional team educate, motivate and empower our patients to help reach your goals. We’re so happy you’ve chosen Thin MD Med Spa. We know you’re going to LOVE your results!

Call our friendly team now or stop by and visit us:

We offer the following Weight-Loss Programs / Supplements:

All of our programs are personalized to your specific needs and likes

  • Fresh
  • KetoComplete Diet
  • Prolon Diet
  • HCG Program
  • 28 day detox
  • Hybrid
  • IV nutrition

What are the benefits of weight loss programs and treatments?

Thin MD Med Spa offers several weight loss treatments that are medically supervised by Dr. Capasso. He and his professional team have successfully helped patients get over the hump and finally lose the weight they desperately desire and lose through diet and exercise alone. The ideal candidate is anyone who desires to lose weight, has struggled to lose weight, or wants to maintain an ideal weight.

How much do weight-loss programs cost?

Weight loss treatments vary in cost based on the patient’s individual needs and treatments selected. All costs will be discussed during your Free consultation.

For your convenience, we accept payment via cash, check, and major credit cards. If you’re struggling to lose weight, don’t give up!  ThinMD Med Spa can help you achieve amazing results!