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Taking A Fish Oil (like Xymogen MonoPure) May Slash Your Risk For Cardiac Death, A New Study Reveals

Xymogen MonoPure. A new meta-analysis study from scientist at John’s Hopkins and the Midwest Biomedical Research group revealed an 8% reduction of cardiac death in omega-3 fish oil users. The risk reduction was even higher at 17%, if your starting triglycerides or LDL cholesterol was high.

Xymogen Monopure ®. A new meta-analysis study from scientist at John’s Hopkins and the Midwest Biomedical Research group revealed an 8% reduction of cardiac death in omega-3 fish oil users. The risk reduction was even higher at 17% if your starting triglycerides and/or LDL cholesterol was high.

Most noteworthy: Cardiac death is common in patients with known cardiac disease. Because according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), two-thirds of all cardiac deaths are from cardiac disease.

Science Advisory

This result aligns with the conclusion from the American Heart Association’s recent Science Advisory. Which states that EPA and DHA (Omega-3 fish oils) treatment is reasonable for secondary prevention of coronary artery disease and sudden cardiac death. Especially relevant is the fact that the Standard American diet has very low levels of Omega-3. In fact the average intake of omega-3 in the U.S.A is only 110-150mg/day.

I routinely measure my patient’s omega-3 levels in my practice and I use a test called an omega-3 index. Because it estimates patient’s average omega 3 levels over the past few months.

Furthermore, my goal for them is to get their omega-3 index >8. Because that is were we start to see the beneficial effects on their lipids, otherwise known as lipoproteins. This usually requires them to take greater than 4000 mg/day of a combination of DHA and EPA. Especially if they don’t consume enough cold-water fish in their diet like salmon, and mackerel, and sardines.

It’s Vital To Choose A Quality Fish Oil

Consequently, there are a lot marketers selling inferior fish oils supplements that you should beware of. Therefore it is important that you read the label for the amount of fish oil (DHA + EPA) in each pill. Understand that taking a 1000 mg large fish oil pill is not enough unless it has around a 1000 mg of DHA/EPA in it. We see a lot of fish oil supplements that our patients bring into the clinic that only contain a small amount of omega-3.

For example, one of my patients brought his bottle in for me to take a look at, and he was taking four 1000 mg fish oil capsules per day just like I advised him, however after looking at the label we discovered each 1000 mg pill only had 385 mg of omega-3 (DHA+ EPA) in it.

So instead of taking 4000 mg of fish oils per day he was only taking a little more than 1,500 mg /day and he realized he would have to take 10 of those pills per day to get the clinical effect we wanted to see. Also since there was over 600 mg of filler was in each pill, he was shocked.

International Fish Oil Standards

Second, I look for fish oils that are tested by International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) which is an international company that third party tests fish oils for purity, and potency, and freshness. Which allows me to have some reassurance that my patients are taking a good brand.

I realized that asking my patients to take 4 large fish oils per day was a tall task and very few of them would comply. I could get most of them to take 2 pills per day but that wasn’t enough to get the clinical effect we were looking for.

Monoglyceride Fish Oil

About nine months ago Xymogen released a monoglyceride fish oil supplement called Xymogen Monopure ®, the first and only to market. I was excited because Xymogen Monopure ® fish oil dissolves in water allowing it to have a higher absorption rate in your body.

This means you can take less fish oils, usually 2 to get to that omega-3 index above 8. In addition it has a five star rating by IFOS. I have been really pleased with this product because it helps my patients get there omega-3 levels in a therapeutic range with a high quality product and less pills.

Xymogen MonoPure is the fish oil I recommend for my patients and personally take.

Xymogen MonoPure Fish OilThey have several strengths and formulas:
1300 EC- 1300 mg of DHA/EPA per gel cap Xymogen Monopure ®
650EC- 650 mg of DHA/EPA per gel cap Xymogen Monopure ®
MDEC-330 mg of DHA/EPA per gel cap Xymogen Monopure ® plus Arthricor olive leave extract

This Fish Oil has 3x greater absorption over regular fish oils.

In my clinics, I commonly use Omega Xymogen Monopure ® for all of my patients. Especially if they have focus issues, arthritis or joint pains, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal issues, overweight or any cardiovascular problems.

If you are interested in ordering any of Xymogen Monopure ® or any Xymogen product, simply call my office at (904) 694-0992 to speak to one of our functional nutritionist for a free consultation and our exclusive patient discount.


The information in this blog is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat ailments, or be construed as medical advice. Therefore, please consult your personal physician prior to starting any programs for your health.

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