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3 Reasons To Visit Dr. Anthony Capasso

Patients at Thin MD Med Spa in Jacksonville, FL, rejoice that Dr. Anthony Capasso is the visionary and leader of his team! A physician with Dr. Capasso’s philosophy and qualification is excellent news for Thin MD Med Spa patients who believe that achieving satisfaction in the way they look also depends on their physical health. With Dr. Capasso on board, this clinic is now integrating cosmetic treatments with internal medicine – the best of both worlds if you want to feel as healthy as you look.

Why is Dr. Capasso such a catch? We’re glad you asked!

Meet Dr. Anthony Capasso

Dr. Capasso graduated Cum Laude in 1987 from Ohio State University and obtained his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Alabama. Dr. Capasso’s completed his medical residency at the University of Florida, where he found a special passion for internal medicine. Since his graduation in 1998, Dr. Capasso has worked as an Associate Medical Professor at the University of Florida in Jacksonville and entered private practice with an office in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Dr. Capasso was voted the #1 Physician in Jacksonville Beach by Folio Magazine in 2009 and is renowned for his expertise in Preventative Medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Treatment. In 2018 he finished his fellowship in Peptide medicine. He is the Chief Medical Officer of Thin Centers MD and is the Director of Integrative Medicine at Thin MD Med Spa in Jacksonville.

3 Reasons To Visit Dr. Anthony Capasso

Curious about what else Dr. Capasso brings to the table aside from an impressive CV? For Dr. Capasso, being a doctor is all about philosophy, vision, and passion. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Dr. Capasso.

1. He Believes In An Integrated Philosophy

Integrated Medicine is a philosophy that views the patient as a whole and uses all available treatments. For Dr. Capasso, this means combining his knowledge of nutrition, diet, and hormones with the latest non-invasive therapies to help patients achieve the greatest sense of overall health. With his integrated approach, Dr. Capasso’s philosophy of a balanced diet and lifestyle is foolproof to enhance the health of his patients.

2. He Is A Weight Loss Visionary

Dr. Capasso is the man behind Thin Centers MD’s revolutionary weight loss programs, products, and treatments. Dr. Capasso has a proven record of helping patients manage their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk of diabetes. He believes that a healthy lifestyle with a balanced nutritional plan is the first step to achieving great health.

3. He Is Passionate About Your Health

Dr. Capasso cares about your health and has a passion for overall wellness, including fitness, nutrition and diet, and anti-aging. Dr. Capasso’s passion for internal medicine and his commitment to the integrated approach means that the health of the patient is always a top priority. This passion for health makes Dr. Capasso’s treatments so effective.

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