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4 Ways To Improve Your Gut Health

Good health and wellness are dependent on many things. You should get the right amount of sleep, take supplements and observe a healthy diet, and make sure you get enough exercise. But did you know that you should also practice these things to ensure proper gut health?

The makeup of the human intestinal microbiome has been making headlines lately. It turns out that what lives in your gut can impact your health in many ways. Read on to learn the top four ways to improve the health of your gut bacteria.

Stay Rested

People need at least seven hours of sleep each day. Sadly, most adults do not get near this amount. A lack of sleep leads to a host of health problems and can contribute to serious digestive troubles. Poor sleep is also directly linked to a higher prevalence of obesity, which can contribute to digestive issues and chronic inflammation.

Establishing a regular sleep schedule and nightly routine is a great first step to making sure you are well-rested. Set yourself up for success by making sure you get the recommended amount of sleep every day. Your gut bacteria will thank you with better health.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet is key to maintaining the health of your gut bacteria. Avoiding tons of added sugar, chemically processed, foods, and antibiotics are key to making sure your healthy bacteria have what they need to flourish and thrive.

Plants are a major source of digestion-boosting prebiotic fiber. Fiber is essential to healthy digestion, so it should be no surprise that a plant-based diet has been linked to a healthier gut and fewer diseases.

Supplement as Needed

Eating a balanced diet isn’t always enough to make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs. Sometimes supplements are necessary to tip the balance in your favor.

Probiotics are a supplement that helps your digestive system. They are the “good” bacteria that help you digest food. Studies show that probiotics can have a positive impact on the diversity of gut bacteria.

Prebiotics are the food for their probiotic cousins. Adding a quality source of these supplements can help you increase the health of your digestive system.

Get Up and Move

When your whole body moves, your gut moves along too. By keeping your muscles strong, you help food move through your digestive system easier and more effectively. That means you will be able to maximize the value of the foods you eat.

A healthy gut means a lower risk of obesity and other diseases. Exercising not only burns calories, but it can also contribute to weight loss by encouraging a healthy gut microbiome.

Take Action to Improve Your Gut Health

Knowing the best practices to keep your gut healthy isn’t enough. Many of the steps you can take are well within your control and relatively easy to implement.

Whether you are ready to take action, or if you simply have questions, contact the professionals at Thin MD Med Spa. They can answer your questions and help you achieve your best health yet.
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