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Keto Complete Diet

What is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is well known for being a low carb diet, where a person restrics their carbohydrate intake and in response the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. It’s referred to as many different names – ketogenic diet, low carb diet, low carb high fat (LCHF), etc.

To offset the manay side effects of a standard keto diet, Dr Capasso recommends following a more complete keto diet plan including all the nutrients needed to allow your body to maximize the fat burning effects while strengthening your mitochondria (the energy source of every cell in the human body), and keeping your liver and other organs healthy.

The Keto Complete Program is a proven weight loss program based on the science of how ketogenic diets work. It is designed to maximize fat burning and weight loss by turning on your fat burning centers through mitochondrial reinvigoration.

Most of our patient’s report losing approximately ½ to 2 lbs. Per DAY on this simple program

The Keto Complete Program stimulates a “metabolic shift” away from carbohydrate or glucose dependence to burning fat more effectively. Our proprietary Ketogenic/Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) powder allows your body to have an effortless transition from carbohydrate burning to predominately Fat Burning in just a few days without the “Keto Flu” feeling that occurs when you don’t use exogenous ketones and MCT oil. Studies have shown this is a more practical way of achieving ketosis. (1)

“The Keto Flu” has been described by patients during the first week of dieting. Many patients feel tired, dizzy, crave sugars and have poor focus as their body switches from burning carbs (sugar) as energy to burning fat instead. The “Keto Flu” affects everyone differently and may last from a few days to up to 1 week.

Our proven system utilizes the principle of “Mitochondria Biogenesis” maximizing your cellular health to stimulate your metabolism and burn fat off more efficiently. One of the most significant contributors to weight gain is poor cellular health or mitochondrial activity.(2)

Optimal cellular health (mitochondrial health) allows your metabolism to stay higher and slows your aging enabling you to have more energy and focus, thus making it’s easier to lose unwanted weight. We do this through our proprietary Keto-Thin Program utilizing vital mitochondrial nutrients throughout the day.

Your mitochondria, appropriately nicknamed “the powerhouse of your cells,” deteriorate with age due to ongoing exposure to toxins, which accelerate the destruction of cellular components. (3) One of the most important roles of your mitochondria is to burn your bodies fat and carbohydrate stores to make energy to fuel your mind, body and your heart.

Mitochondria represent 10% of your body weight and are the drivers of your metabolism. As you age so does your mitochondria also ages which causes your metabolism to decrease.

Metabolism is the process of breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to yield the energy your body needs for daily function. Your mitochondria generate most of your cell’s supply of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which is used as a source of energy.

The healthier your mitochondria are the more calories your body can burn,
and the more your body can delay the signs of aging

The Keto Complete Program is designed to stimulate your body’s production of new mitochondria turning on your metabolism and putting your body into a “fat burning” state allowing your metabolism to shift from burning carbohydrate to burning fat. (4)

More effortless weight loss with accelerated fat loss (5)(6)
Reduced hunger (7)
Improve mental focus (8)
Ability to be in a “ketogenic state” without significant carbohydrate restrictions (9)
Improved blood sugar through reduction of insulin resistance (10)(11)
Can decrease epilepsy symptoms (12)(13)
Improved Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
Improved skin (14)(15)

When eating a lower carbohydrate diet, your liver will convert fats to ketones (ketone bodies), serving as a different energy source for the brain, heart, and muscles with the added benefit of suppressing your appetite to make you “feel full.” Ketone bodies include acetoacetate, acetone, and Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which can facilitate mental and physical performance. Clinical studies have shown that mild states of ketosis in your body can offer therapeutic benefits. (16)

Having ketone bodies around keeps your mitochondria from burning carbohydrates.

Ketogenic diets that’s been around for a while and used to treat drug-resistant seizure disorders in children since the 1920’s and more recently has been used to help reduce weight and improve mental focus. Ketogenic diets are a very low-carb, higher fat diet and an average amount of protein, which may offer health benefits. They have been shown to help improve weight loss and may benefit patients with cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s dementia. (17), (18), (19), (20), (21)

Ketogenic diets mimic a starvation state in your body, allowing your body to use ketones for energy. Normally your bodies prefer sugar for energy. When we ingest carbohydrates or sugars, they’re broken down into glucose, which is then stored in your liver or muscles and transported into your mitochondria to produce energy when you need it.

When consuming a low carbohydrate diet, the liver converts fats to ketones as an alternative fuel source for your brain heart and muscles.

If you reduce your carbohydrate intake below 40-50 g per day, your liver will become the sole provider of glucose to feed your organs. This carbohydrate restriction activates your pancreas telling your fat cells to release fatty acids into your bloodstream so your liver can convert it into ketones. Once that glucose is depleted your liver produces ketone bodies to fuel your brain and body from those released fatty acids.

The liver converts fatty acids from your body or your diet into three ketones. These ketones (beta-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate, and acetone) get released into your bloodstream and are taking up by your brain and organs. They then get transported into your mitochondria to be used up as fuel to produce the energy needed to fuel all of your body’s functions. Excess beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate get excreted from your urine while the volatile, acetone is breathed out giving that characteristic sweet “keto breathe.” Meanwhile, your blood glucose remains normal because glucose is derived from specific amino acids and fats that you are eating.

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is a more efficient fuel than glucose, by providing more energy per unit oxygen used.

The Two Powerful Things that Ketogenic Diets Provide:

  1. Ketogenic diet’s increase the number of your mitochondria (energy and fat burning factories).
  2. Reduce the harmful byproducts of carbohydrate metabolism called Reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS which is produced in high quantities when you eat the Standard American Diet damage your brain, organs, and mitochondrial leading to chronic diseases.

The Keto Complete Program utilizes several mitochondrial activators including our proprietary Keto Complete Powder (beta-hydroxybutyrate and Medium Chain Triglyceride(MCT).

Keto Complete Powder

• Allows your body to quickly get into ketosis without feeling bad, avoiding the “Keto Flu.” Helping you lose weight quicker and easier.
• Provides the ideal fuel for your mitochondria to fuel your brain and muscles, without all of the harmful byproducts. These toxic byproducts come from utilizing carbohydrates as your primary fuel.
• Shuts down your carbohydrate burning and turns on your fat burning.

The Keto Complete Program also utilizes our proven and tested mitochondrial supplement Mitoblast 2,
which increases metabolism at a cellular level.

• It stimulates your genes to increase the mitochondria in your body.
• It supplies 8 active ingredients that are safe and have been uniquely formulated to enhance both absorption and dwelling time in the body to maximize patient benefit and satisfaction.

Nutrients in Mitoblast 2:

1.L-argine alpha-ketoglutarate
2. Alpha–Lipoic acid
3. Acetyl L-Carnitine
4. Green Tea extract
5. Quercetin
6.Trans resveratrol
8. Biotin

MitoBlast 2 was Formulated to:
• Reduce fat mass
• Increase muscle mass
• Improve appetite control
• Improve insulin sensitivity
• improve liver function
• Improve exercise performance
• Improve immune system
• Improve cardiovascular function
• Improve resistance to oxidative stress

MitoBlast 2 is formulated to feed your body’s mitochondria production. The nutrients in Mitoblast 2 have been extensively studied to turn on your body’s production of mitochondria. The nutrients in Mitoblast 2 come from the purest sources and produced by a GMP certified manufacturer.

Benefits of Mitoblast 2:
Reduce fat mass
Increase muscle mass
Improve appetite control
Improve insulin sensitivity
Improve glucose control
Improve exercise performance
Improve immune system
Improve cardiovascular function
Improve resistance to oxidative stress

Ketosis is achieved by following a high-fat, low-carbohydrate “ketogenic” diet. Adherence to such diets can be difficult that’s why I developed the Keto Complete Program. It allows your body an easier transition to a more efficient “Fat Burning State” while re-invigorating your bodies mitochondria speeding up your metabolism and allowing you to get leaner and sustain your weight. The proprietary KETO COMPLETE
Powder and MITOBLAST 2 nutrients give your body the one-two punch necessary for your fat burning mitochondria to wake up and multiply putting your body into an accelerated state of fat burning and increased energy.

I know you will love the Keto Complete Program because my patients tell me all of the time it helps them:

• Burn Body Fat
• Improves Memory
• Boost Energy & Endurance
• Balance their Hormones
• Improves their Mood

In 30 days expect a significant fat loss with more energy and endurance.
In 60 days you should notice more weight loss and more mental clarity.
In 90 days your metabolism will be faster and your weight balanced.

I want you to experience all of these great benefits; I put together some amazing discounts for you on the bottom of this web page.

You need to act now because these discounts will go away in 3 days.

I can’t wait to hear about all of your success on the Keto Complete Program.

Your Mitochondria are Aging and this can cause you to Get Fat…

As you age so do your mitochondria, which causes your metabolism to decrease, weight gain, and your energy to drop. Mitochondria get injured from many causes. The four most common include the Standard American Diet (SAD); medications, environmental toxicities, and stress (physical or emotional). Mitochondrial dysfunction is a primary cause of ALL age-related decline. Recent scientific reports link unhealthy mitochondria to virtually all degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, heart failure, and cancer, poor memory, lack of energy, and of course weight gain.

As your mitochondria start to dysfunction, your cells become starved for energy and damaged, causing them to function less efficiently allowing your metabolism to get sluggish causing you to gain weight. Or put another way, the health of your mitochondria will determine how well your body can burn fat and how quickly you will age. So logically, we all want to have more mitochondria around. I commonly tell my patients, the more mitochondria you have, the healthier your cellular health is, the more calories your body can burn, the leaner you get, and the more your body can delay weight gain, aging and your declines in physical appearance. I try to start all my patients who show signs of mitochondrial decline on my Keto Complete Program because it helps them repair their damaged Mitochondria.

* The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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