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What Is The Ketogenic Diet? An Introduction From Dr. Anthony Capasso

You’ve probably seen some buzz about the keto diet online. From celebrities to your next-door neighbor, the ketogenic diet is something everyone is buzzing about. So, what is the keto diet? Before you plunge into full body ketosis, you should consult with a medical professional such as Dr. Anthony Capasso to find out what the keto diet is and if it’s right for you.

What Is the Ketogenic Diet & How Does It Work?

Keto diets change how your body burns energy from carbs to fats, when you’re body is in a fat burning state we call this ketosis. The fastest way to get your body into a state of ketosis is fasting, but that can be very unhealthy and even dangerous. So, enter the keto diet. Ketogenic diets refer to a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. Keto is shorthand for ketones, which are produced as an alternative fuel source to carbs. These ketones come from the liver, which converts the fatty acids in your diet to energy when there are no carbs to be found. When your blood sugar and insulin levels are low the fat burning capability of ketosis really increases.

What Foods Are Allowed On The Keto Diet?

The keto diet essentially cuts out most carbs, sugars, and starches to get you into a state of ketosis. The faster these foods are eliminated from your diet, the faster you enter ketosis. So what foods do you need to cut out exactly?  Dr. Anthony Capasso has a few suggestion, and here they are:

  • Grains – wheat, pasta, cereal, rice, and corn
  • Sugars – brown sugar, honey, and agave
  • Fruits – apples, strawberries, and bananas
  • Starches – potatoes
  • Alcohol

But never fear, as there are still lots of foods and food groups allowed on the keto diet. Also, there are thousands of guides, meal plans, and recipes online that can help you make delicious keto friendly meals. So, what foods are the BEST foods to eat on the keto diet? Here are some that Dr. Anthony Capasso recommends:

  • Meat – wild fish, organic poultry, grass fed beef
  • Organic leafy greens – kale, spinach, lettuce
  • Raw nuts and seeds – almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts
  • Berries – raspberries, blackberries, blueberries
  • Healthy fats – avocado, olives, and olive oil, MCT oil (C8), and small amounts of organic coconut oil
  • Sweeteners – stevia, monk fruit

What Are the Health Benefits of the Keto Diet?

While some may find the diet restrictive, the health benefits and consistent weight loss while on a keto diet are why it has such a large fan base. The keto diet not only burns fat, which helps with weight loss, but also reduces inflammation, gives you an energy boost, and lowers your blood sugar. Unlike other diets, keto helps regulate your appetite, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. And, that’s not all; the diet has been used since the early 1900s to help epilepsy patients.


There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet and in books that may lead you down the wrong path (causing potential health issues such as: keto flu, bone demineralization, electrolyte abnormalities, and constipation). It’s important to understand the right way to undertake a keto program with proper monitoring to get the best results. Dr Capasso offers a free nutritional consultation to help clients personalize their diet and understand the pitfalls to avoid for the best outcome.

Dr. Anthony Capasso

Dr. Anthony Capasso has been using a natural Keto Diet to help his clients to enjoy increased energy and mental clarity as well as a healthy weight loss in his Thin Med Spa in Jacksonville, Florida. His office offers tailored health programs to help establish healthy weight loss goals. He has found that his clients lose an average of around 1 1/2 to 2 pounds per week on the keto diet and have seen numerous other health benefits as well. If you are thinking about starting the keto diet, make sure to look up Dr. Anthony Capasso and his team to get an expert consultation.

Call our friendly staff today to set up your free nutritional consultation and find out if a keto diet is right for you: (904) 694-0992

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